An eclectic and irreverent Brand 100% Made in Tuscany
Proudly Made in Tuscany

the beginning

fromTuscany to the world, with passion

Tuscany, the cradle of the Renaissance, is known throughout the world for its immense artistic and cultural heritage, with eight sites included by UNESCO on the World Heritage list. The culture in Tuscany can be breathed in every corner and has its roots in antiquity: from the finds from the mysterious Etruscan civilization, with their splendid necropolis, up to the domination of the Romans to reach the Middle Ages - whose traces remain in splendid villages, Romanesque and Gothic parish churches and abbeys - and then arrive at the Renaissance, a golden age that invested architecture, painting and sculpture, making the region famous all over the world. In Tuscany there are unique museums that house priceless treasures such as the Uffizi Gallery, a treasure chest of masterpieces, or the Accademia Gallery, where you can admire the majestic David by Michelangelo. Today there are also many centers dedicated to contemporary art, where you can discover the international artistic avant-gardes, such as the Pecci Center in Prato.

Proudly Made in Tuscany

the present

Design and research live here

The Luigi Pecci Center for Contemporary Art, the first Italian institution born from the beginning with the aim of presenting, collecting, documenting and supporting research in the visual arts, cinema, music, performing arts, architecture, design, fashion and literature, understood as expressions of the contemporary world, to allow the public public to be able to get in touch with the macro issues concerning life and the society in which we live. We at Koon are particularly proud of this city excellence and gladly let its cultural activity influence our steps

and here we are...

hello, we are koon

An eclectic and irreverent brand 100% made in Tuscany

Without losing its original identity on which its entrepreneurial vocation is embedded, Tuscany, nowadays, can be seen as a global village, where different cultural approaches and lifestyles coexist.

 Koon’s philosophy is about mixing all these approaches yet staying focused on continuous research and the product development,
rigorously developed and made in Italy.

 The combination of high quality material with the finest sportswear makes Koon unique in its category. The versatility of these combinations renders wardrobe building effortless.

The most precious materials are used, from the best spun wool fabrics to the finest cotton. 
This is the core of the product.
 The artistry of Italian manufacturing is visible in the attention to every detail. Sophisticated simplicity with the ultimate in trend and style defines our brand