The subtle difference between something good and something great
Koon was born from the need to stand out from the mob. We work on a deep understanding of what our customer wants to do and achieve. 
We understand the experiences that our audience craves, as well as the people, things, and places that inspire them.
 It’s about defining who or what your customer wants to become in the future, and giving them products that will help them to achieve that end goal.
 We want be associated with joy of life, a strong devotion to the environment, hospitality and worldwide friendship. 
We want to be Koon
A 100% Made in Italy project


Proudly green, white and red

Our garments are strictly hand-made and entirely produced in Italy. We employ skilled and passionate craftsmen to offer you a unique and original product. Any discrepancies or imperfections are due to their manual processing and are a sign of quality and craftsmanship. Koon, proudly made in Prato, Italy.